Andrea Zaccari

Immersed in the world of music since I was a teenager, I studied classical piano. I have always been attracted to low frequencies that eventually brought me to become a self-taught bass guitar player. I then partecipated in technical and theoretical courses held by excellent teachers, as well as seminars attended by world-famous bass guitar players, all of this constantly accompanied by seriously practice, listening to all kind of music and a twenty-year long performing experience.

Annalisa Minetti Tour 2012-2013, Serena Abrami (since 2005), RON (2010), Jimmy Fontana (2010-2011),Barbara Cola (2010-2011), PINK FLOYD Sound Tribute (since 2007), Filippo e Tommy GRAZIANI (2011-2013)Michele Pecora (since 2005), Ivana Spagna (2005-2010-2011), Peppino di Capri (2009), Riccardo Fogli (2005-2009), Luisa Corna (2009), Lisa (2009), Gipsy Kings Family (2009), SKYLINE Blues Band, Girovela Tour 2005-2006, Monica Hill (2005), Stefano Tedeschi Band, Alessandro Svampa Group, Luigi Sbriccoli Fontana, Zucchero tribute band, Coro Nazionale dei Pueri Cantores, Quelli che non solo Gospel, On The Radio, Scotty & The Big Brothers Band, Macramè & Carlo Simonari, Bip Gismondi Band, The Bluesdogs Band, Mo’Better Funk, Lenitibo, Flowers of Love..etc..

Luigi Fontana – L’Illusionista (2013), Alessandro Svampa Group (2013), Annalisa Minetti – In Volo (2012), Aida Cooper (2012), LIZARD School Books SampleCD (2011), Serena Abrami, Stefano Tedeschi Band (2011), Mario Minati – Guarda Me 2010, SABA – Torna da me 2008 with Carlo Gargioni, Italian Pueri Cantores Chorus, Michele Pecora – FACCIO ALTRO 2007, Melissa “Giulio sono io” (2002) with Massimo Varini and Massimo Saccutelli, 3.1 Quartet (2007), The Bluesdogs (2004), Flowers of Love (2001).

– I record in my own home-studio using Apple, Logic and Pro-Tools systems, collaborating with artists and other recording studios. I also do work on commission.

I have worked as Product and Artist Relation Manager at Stefy Line since 2008, supplying both technical and musical support. I have also been demonstrating bass guitars and amps, providing assistance for musical instruments.