A little bit more tension and more brilliance. Superb tone. Balanced and tuned. Gently to the fingers. Long life. Stainless Steel and R-Core versions available. Standard scale is long and fits 34″ scale instruments. Available super long scale to fit 35″.


Code Gauge
ssr40100 40-60-80-100 stainless
ssr43100 43-63-80-100 stainless
ssr45100 45-65-80-100 stainless
ssr45105 45-65-85-105 stainless
ssr40120 40-60-80-100-120 stainless
ssr40125 40-60-80-100-125 stainless
ssr43125 43-63-80-100-125 stainless
ssr45125 45-65-80-100-125 stainless
npr40100 40-60-80-100 nickel plated
npr43100 43-63-80-100 nickel plated
npr45100 45-65-80-100 nickel plated
npr45105 45-65-85-105 nickel plated
npr40120 40-60-80-100-120 nickel plated
npr40125 40-60-80-100-125 nickel plated
npr43125 43-63-80-100-125 nickel plated
npr45125 45-65-80-100-125 nickel plated