Bass R-Core

The softest of our production ! Very confortable, balanced and tuned. Brilliant, the tone is great. Very soft and gently to the fingers. Great action. Standard scale is long and fits 34″ long scale instruments. Also available super long scale.


Code Gauge
ssw3595 Sweet Stainless R-Core 35-55-75-95
ssw4095 Sweet Stainless R-Core 40-60-75-95
ssw40100 Sweet Stainless R-Core 40-60-80-100
ssw43100 Sweet Stainless R-Core 43-63-80-100
ssw45100 Sweet Stainless R-Core 45-65-80-100
ssw45105 Sweet Stainless R-Core 45-65-85-105
ssw50110 Sweet Stainless R-Core 50-70-90-110
ssw40120 Sweet Stainless R-Core 40-60-80-100-120
ssw40125 Sweet Stainless R-Core 40-60-80-100-125
ssw43125 Sweet Stainless R-Core 43-63-80-100-125
ssw45125 Sweet Stainless R-Core 45-65-80-100-125
ssw43128 Sweet Stainless R-Core 43-63-85-105-128
ssw45128 Sweet Stainless R-Core 45-65-85-105-128
ssw45130 Sweet Stainless R-Core 45-65-85-105-130
ssw50135 Sweet Stainless R-Core 50-70-90-110-135
ssw31125 Sweet Stainless R-Core 31-45-65-80-100-125
ssw31128 Sweet Stainless R-Core 31-45-65-85-105-128
ssw31130 Sweet Stainless R-Core 31-45-65-85-105-130
sswl45100 Sweet Stainless R-Core SL 45-65-80-100
sswl45125 Sweet Stainless R-Core SL 45-65-80-100-125
sswc45100 Sweet Stainless R-Core c2b 45-65-80-100
sswc43128 Sweet Stainless R-Core c2b 43-63-85-102-128
sswc31125 Sweet Stainless R-Core c2b 31-45-65-80-100-125
snr3595 Sweet Nickel R-Core 35-55-75-95
snr4095 Sweet Nickel R-Core 40-60-75-95
snr40100 Sweet Nickel R-Core 40-60-80-100
snr43100 Sweet Nickel R-Core 43-63-80-100
snr45100 Sweet Nickel R-Core 45-65-80-100
snr45105 Sweet Nickel R-Core 45-65-85-105
snr50110 Sweet Nickel R-Core 50-70-90-110
snr40120 Sweet Nickel R-Core 40-60-80-100-120
snr40125 Sweet Nickel R-Core 40-60-80-100-125
snr43125 Sweet Nickel R-Core 43-63-80-100-125
snr45125 Sweet Nickel R-Core 45-65-80-100-125
snr43128 Sweet Nickel R-Core 43-63-85-105-128
snr45128 Sweet Nickel R-Core 45-65-85-105-128
snr45130 Sweet Nickel R-Core 45-65-85-105-130
snr50135 Sweet Nickel R-Core 50-70-90-110-135
snr31125 Sweet Nickel R-Core 31-45-65-80-100-125
snr31128 Sweet Nickel R-Core 31-45-65-85-105-128
snr31130 Sweet Nickel R-Core 31-45-65-85-105-130
snrl45100 Sweet Nickel R-Core SL 45-65-80-100
snrl45125 Sweet Nickel R-Core SL 45-65-80-100-125
snrc45100 Sweet Nickel R-Core c2b 45-65-80-100
snrc43128 Sweet Nickel R-Core c2b 43-63-85-102-128
snrc31125 Sweet Nickel R-Core c2b 31-45-65-80-100-125
ssrd40100 Classic Stainless R-Core 40-60-80-100
ssrd43100 Classic Stainless R-Core 43-63-80-100
ssrd45100 Classic Stainless R-Core 45-65-80-100
ssrd45105 Classic Stainless R-Core 45-65-85-105
ssrd40120 Classic Stainless R-Core 40-60-80-100-120
ssrd40125 Classic Stainless R-Core 40-60-80-100-125
ssrd43125 Classic Stainless R-Core 43-63-80-100-125
ssrd45125 Classic Stainless R-Core 45-65-80-100-125
ssrd45130 Classic Stainless R-Core 45-65-85-105-130
ssrd31125 Classic Stainless R-Core 31-45-65-80-100-125
ssrdl45100 Classic Stainless R-Core SL 45-65-80-100
ssrdl45105 Classic Stainless R-Core SL 45-65-85-105
ssrdl45125 Classic Stainless R-Core SL 45-65-80-100-125
nprd40100 Classic Nickel R-Core 40-60-80-100
nprd43100 Classic Nickel R-Core 43-63-80-100
nprd45100 Classic Nickel R-Core 45-65-80-100
nprd45105 Classic Nickel R-Core 45-65-85-105
nprd40120 Classic Nickel R-Core 40-60-80-100-120
nprd40125 Classic Nickel R-Core 40-60-80-100-125
nprd43125 Classic Nickel R-Core 43-63-80-100-125
nprd45125 Classic Nickel R-Core 45-65-80-100-125
nprd45130 Classic Nickel R-Core 45-65-85-105-130
nprd31125 Classic Nickel R-Core 31-45-65-80-100-125
nprdl45100 Classic Nickel R-Core SL 45-65-80-100
nprdl45105 Classic Nickel R-Core SL 45-65-85-105
nprdl45125 Classic Nickel R-Core SL 45-65-80-100-125