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03 Sep The Namm Show 2020
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See you at the upcoming winter Namm from 16 to 19 January 2020. Booth #3334.Will have the following artists demonstrating: Federico Malaman, Andrew Gouche, Michelangelo Brandimarte... and many other special guests!..
03 Sep Federico Malaman
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Italian bassist, double bassist and arranger. Graduated from Conservatorio E. Dall’Abaco (Verona, Italy) in 2000.At a very young age, he started working with Paolo Belli’s big band as bassist and arranger in important Italian TV shows: “Ballando con ..
03 Sep Isa Dido
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Luisa Di Donato (alias “Isa Dido”) graduated in jazz electric bass at Conservatory is Salerno with Sandro Deidda and Dario Deidda. She studied harmony and electric bass with many different teachers: Lello Somma, Dario Deidda, Luca..
03 Sep Andrea Torresani
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Classe 1982, Andrea Torresani è nato a Milano e ha iniziato a studiare musica quando aveva solamente 6 anni, imparando a suonare il pianoforte. A 16 anni si è avvicinato al basso elettrico, che è lo strumento che ancora oggi lo accompagna sul palc..
03 Sep Marco Panascia
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Marco Panascia (prononunced: pana-SEE-ah) is an Italian-born bassist, composer and educator living in New York City.His proficiency in many different musical situations and settings, and his strong doubling skills on the acoustic and the electric bas..
03 Sep Gianni Rojatti
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Considered to be one of the most significant Italian guitar players in rock and instrumental music, Guitar Techniques described Gianni Rojatti as a “great player and can stand proudly alongside the likes of Satriani, Holdsworth and Vai but whilst the..
03 Sep Martin Miller
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Hello, my name is Martin Miller, I’m professional guitar player from Germany.For my whole life I’ve been surrounded with music and decided to pick up the guitar sometime during elementary school. During my late teens I decided to get serious about th..
03 Sep Davide Pezzin
03 Sep Alessio Menconi
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Alessio Menconi nasce a Genova e si avvicina alla musica all’ età di 8 anni studiando la batteria, che abbandona due anni dopo per dedicarsi da autodidatta allo studio della chitarra. A 16 anni intraprende l’attività’ professionale e, considerato un ..
03 Sep Andrea Zaccari
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Immersed in the world of music since I was a teenager, I studied classical piano. I have always been attracted to low frequencies that eventually brought me to become a self-taught bass guitar player. I then partecipated in technical and theoretical ..
03 Sep Fabrizio
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Fabrizio”Bicio”(pronounce:bee-chow)Leo, was born in Abbiategrasso, about 20km south of Milan, Italy on 7/28/1971. He began playing guitar by himself at sixteen, focusing his passion and practicing on rock/fusion genre, inspired by didactic videos fro..
03 Sep Ruggero Brunetti
03 Sep Roberto Gallinelli
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Discography: Shel Shapiro – Backstage – Il Grande Sogno (CD, Album) Five Record 1991 Riccardo Cocciante – L’instant Présent Tristar Music (France) 1995 L’instant Présent (CD, Album) Musicor 1995 L’instant Présent (CD, Album) Tristar Music (France) 19..
03 Sep Gabriele Greco
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Born in Rome, Italy, my first approach to music was at the age of ten when I started studying piano, graduating in music theory at the Conservatory of Rome. At the age of sixteen I started studying electric and double bass in academies in Rome (Synth..
03 Sep Ronny Aglietti
03 Sep Sandro
03 Sep Michelangelo Brandimarte
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Born in Atri, Italy on November 18, 1981, Michelangelo began studying grand piano at the age of seven and, at fourteen, moved to electric bass. In 2003, he received his diploma in music, specializing in jazz bass, from the Accademia Musicale of Pesca..
03 Sep Ignazio di Salvo
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Ignazio di Salvo was born in Agrigento, Italy, on the 10th of December 1985. At the age of 9 he began to study classical guitar at the Conservatory, getting a five year Diploma with Master Francesco Buzzurro. At the age of 16 he composed his first in..
03 Sep Mattia Bigi
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Mattia Bigi,nato a Bologna,bassista professionista,musicista autodidatta,iscritto alla SIAE come autore di musica e parte letteraria.Cresciuto stilisticamente in ambiti prevalentemente rock,ha lavorato negli anni in svariati generi musicali. Ha suona..
03 Sep Andrea Morelli
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Andrea Morelli started his musical career in the 1990s with fusion-oriented bands. After that he moved into the pop music world, collaborating both live and in the studio with singer-songwriter Marcello Pieri. In 1993 he joined the band BluesMobile, ..
03 Sep Fabrizio Palermo
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Bass player, multi-instrumentalist, singer and artistic producer, already as a child he began to show an irrepressible passion for music, and for entertainment in general, starting to strum any object that produced a sound. Composer from an early a..
03 Sep Domenico Cacciatore
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Domenico Cacciatore is born in 1981 at Santo Stefano Quisquina (Agrigento).Bass player and composer has more than 20 years of live performances that he has been involved, since the mid-90s, in various types and formations that led him to collaborate,..
03 Sep Ron
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03 Sep Tommaso Scannapieco
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He was born in 1971 in Campagna (SA), in a family of musicians. He starts to study music since he was a child. The accordion is his first instrument. Also the study of the piano will affect his growth as musician. After he switched to electric bass w..
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