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03 Sep Caterina Crucitti
03 Sep Max Gelsi
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Inizia a suonare il basso elettrico da autodidatta all’età di 16 anni e, due anni dopo ne fa una professione. Nel 1997 entra a far parte del gruppo di musicisti che accompagnano la cantante Elisa. Ha suonato in gran parte della discografia e in tu..
03 Sep Giuliano De Leonardis
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Giuliano is an incredible rock bass player. He worked for many renowed artists, such as : ZARRILLO, DRUPI, EQUIPE 84, MAN AT WORK, etc...
03 Sep Glenda Carrubba
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Musical Studies: 1982 – Classical piano. 1989 – Diploma in music theory at Conervatory V.Bellini,Caltanissetta,Italy. 1996 – Diploma in theory and harmony ,electric bass,at C.P.M. (Centro Professione Musica),Milan. Teaching: 2007-2013 at Cluster Scho..
03 Sep Kai Eckhardt
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Kai Eckhardt is an Afro-European musician who has m ade a significant contribution to the evolution of the electric bass since 1989. Heavily influenced by the emerging fusion of funk, rock and jazz in th e late 70's, Kai developed a unique style on h..
03 Sep Edoardo Musumeci
03 Sep Rick Hollander
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Rick is a bass player from US. He plays for Jim Roberts and the Resonants..
03 Sep David Laurenti
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David is an electric and upright bass player from US. He plays for David Benoit...
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